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Disappointments - Be Gone!

by Peggy Joyce Ruth on 05/11/18

Grasshoppers! Grasshoppers! Grasshoppers!  
   Grasshoppers and every imaginable bug covered the insides of our new home. It was crawling with these invaders. What had gone wrong? At moments like these our first inclination isn't "let's trust God with this situation".    
   I believe this concept that I'm going to be sharing has had by far the most life-changing effect on my Christian life next to Psalm 91. I'm convinced that this information out of the Word can make the difference between success and failure in the life of any Christian. This truth became the foundation of my personal faith and that of my family.
   Quite a few years ago I awoke one morning and I was quoting "Those who trust the Lord will not be disappointed". I had never remembered reading that scripture in the Bible before. All day long I just kept finding myself quoting the phrase "Those who trust the Lord will not be disappointed"
   And by afternoon I realized that something very unusual was happening. I finally realized that God was giving me something important that He wanted me to hear, so I began to search through the Bible and I found Those who trust the Lord shall not be disappointed in the New American Standard BibleOver the next few days, the Lord began to show me that most Christians never go on to get the total victory simply because at some point in their life they get disappointed. They begin to meditate on that disappointment, then even though they may never realize it consciously or subconsciously they somehow take that disappointment and put it on God. Subconsciously they think that God didn't come through in some area of their life. As I searched through the Word of God I found this same truth paraphrased over and over in the Old and New Testament and several times it was a direct quote, Those who trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed. I remember thinking, "But Lord, I think I do trust you but there are times I get disappointed. Does that mean that I'm not trusting you?" And I began to almost argue with the Lord. "Lord, sometimes it does look like the Word's not working."
   The Lord began to show me that trust and disappointment are exact opposites just like fear and faith are opposites and we can't operate in both of them at the same time. One of them cancels the other. If I'm disappointed I'm not trusting God. And as the scripture says, when I'm trusting God I won't be disappointed. By the same token I promise you, you're going to have plenty of opportunities to be disappointed, but when that happens the ball's in our court. The decision is ours and it's a choice. We have to decide, "Am I going to fall for that opportunity to be disappointed? Or am I going to determine in my heart—Lord, I'm trusting you and I don't care what the situation looks like now. I'm not going to be disappointed? I'm going to choose not to allow myself to wallow in disappointment because it is one of the biggest enemies of faith."
   If I refuse to accept disappointment and continue to trust, God promises that he will intervene in the matter. And when God intervenes, then the time will come I'll see that He really did work it together to bring good. I thought, "Lord, I don't see how you can do that on some of the situations that I've faced, but I'm making the choice to trust You. Those who trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed—that's literal, but the trusting is the prerequisite before we see the outcome. It's a quality decision where we say, "I've made up my mind that from this day forth, this Word is going to be my final decision. I choose to be obedient, Lord, to anything that You tell me to do, therefore, as far as I'm concerned, the case is closed. It's in Your hands." When we do that then it is up to God. As simple as it sounds, you don't have to feel a thing. It's an act of Your will. It's not an act of your emotions. It's a decision, a choice to trust. The Lord gave me a simple little statement to say out loud every single time that I was faced with the opportunity to get disappointed. I want to share that with you. I was simply to say: Lord, in this particular situation, (name the situation out loud), I choose to trust you. I've probably quoted that statement thousands of times over the years. And it works. There's something about saying it out loud that releases our faith. 
   Let's go back to one of the many times we had to learn how to trust. We felt like the Lord was telling us to build a house in the country. We were to pay for it as we went and we were to look to Him to supply everything that we needed.That house became such a training ground for us in our spiritual walk that when it was over with, the house became a fringe benefit. What we learned was worth the problems that we went through.
   This was a large house and it took about three and a half years to complete. We had dried in the house and we had all the windows installed, but we decided since we weren't ready to move in that we wouldn't put the screens on the windows. We would save the screens so they'd look new not realizing that it was going to be two and a half years before the house was finished. When we finally did put those screens on it was in the springtime and we were in the middle of a Texas drought. Within a month there were hordes of bugs flying around the lights in every room at night. I'm not talking about a few bugs. I'm talking about the rooms were full. We started looking and found that the screens had holes in them, some of the holes were as big as softballs where grasshoppers had chewed through the screens. It was shocking that grasshoppers had eaten their way into our new home. Everything in us was tempted to be disappointed because we had 32 windows. We had stored the screens for two and a half years and so we thought there's no way we can take them back. However, we felt impressed in our spirit that we were supposed to go back to the lumber yard. We had been quoting our scripture, Lord, we're trusting You and we're not going to be disappointed. When the manager at the lumber yard heard our story about storing the screens and then within a few weeks of installation that grasshoppers had eaten holes, he replied, "Well, you've had them for two and a half years”. I could tell that he wasn't the least bit interested but he went ahead and made a call to the company. He just very briefly told them the story about the grasshoppers, how many screens we had and the size. And then he added. “But they've had them for two and a half years.” And it was almost like he was saying, You know you really don't have to worry about this. They've had him plenty long. But he didn't bother to tell him that those screens had been stored. When he got off the phone he said, "I'm sorry that's all I can do".
   I got the impression that the only reason he had made that phone call was just to appease us. For the next two weeks, we contended with bugs. Everything in us was tempted to be disappointed and we just kept quoting our scripture. "Father, we’re trusting You with our window screens; we’re not going to be disappointed." There was nothing whatsoever in the natural to give us any hope. But two weeks later the phone rang and the guy at the lumber yard just simply said: "I have your screens". They had made all new screens. This time they didn't make them out of plastic. They made them out of screen wire and shipped them free of charge. God had supernaturally intervened in that matter and given us something much better that could withstand Texas grasshopper appetites!
   This trust versus disappointment reality so touched our family that we kept a record of many of the ways God intervened in situation after situation as this foundational principle was established in our lives. Many of these stories are included in the book I wrote on this subject. If trust is an area you want to grow in, I encourage you to search out these truths and use the phrase the Lord gave me. If you do, your faith and trust will surely grow and help you to develop a deeper love walk with God. Jeremiah 17:7 Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose trust is the Lord. 

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