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Don't Let the Enemy Scam You

by Peggy Joyce Ruth on 10/25/17

Don't Let the Enemy Scam You!
Healing is not ours until we receive it—Sickness is not ours until we receive it.

     Danger awaits the unsuspecting buyer or seller who is unaware of the schemes on popular classified websites. Unwary users can end up victims, losing property or money if they go for the “too good to be true” deals. Scammer’s convincing tactics and unrealistic sense of urgency become recognizable once you are alerted to their predictable tactics. Many safe transactions occur on these sites when proven methods are put in place as a safeguard, however, the scammers seem to never tire of trying to find a victim. With this analogy, I want you to think of the enemy’s tactics toward your health and well-being.
     I was out taking my walk when suddenly I heard the Lord clearly say, “Jesus took sickness and disease on His own body so that by His Stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:4-5) Jesus took the sickness so that we can take the healing and live in health.
     As Spirit-filled Christians we have our healing Scriptures, such as 1 Peter 2:24, that tells us Jesus bore our sicknesses and diseases in His own body on the cross and Galatians 3:13 that tells us that we are redeemed from the curse which covers all types of sickness. But, let’s ask ourselves, do I really believe that?
     Think with me here, when Jesus administered healing to a person while He walked on the earth, He didn’t ask if they were free of sin before they could receive the healing. After Jesus administered the healing in John 5:14, He said, “Go and sin no more lest a worse thing come on you”. But being without sin was not a criterion for receiving the healing available through Jesus. He dealt with both sin and sickness, and at the same time.

Jesus has already borne every sickness and disease on His own body for us.       It is already accomplished. If we believe that, then we need to realize that SYMPTOMS that comes on our body are not ours until we receive them. Why, because Jesus has already borne it for us.
     The important thing to remember is that we are not forced to accept what He has taken for us. It is a gift if we will receive it. The enemy would love to steal that gift from us. As long as we are living in this world the enemy will tempt us to ignore the gift of health from God. I want you to pay attention closely, he does that by putting symptoms on our body. The symptoms are real. They are not our imagination. We can feel the pain, the fever, the sore throat, or whatever the symptom might be, but, in spite of the symptoms, the sickness is not ours until we receive it. The symptoms are the bait.
     Countless numbers of Christians receive sickness every moment of the day because they haven’t grasped the fullness of the Scripture promises and just don’t know better. Sadly, we don’t have to receive the sickness. It is not ours until we own it. I’m not saying that the enemy won’t put up a good fight and cause the symptoms to rage in our body in an all-out attempt to get us to accept it. I am also not saying that it is easy to ignore those symptoms and dogmatically stand our ground, saying, “Jesus bore that for me. I don’t have to bear it again.”
     I’m also not saying that the enemy won’t eventually back off a little and then later come back ferociously tearing at our body in a secondary attack. Regardless, THE SICKNESS THE ENEMY IS PEDDLING IS NOT OURS UNTIL WE RECEIVE IT. It is also important to realize that there are many ways of receiving it. A person might frantically google the symptoms to see what it could be. Another might first run to the doctor or the medicine cabinet (2 Chronicles 16:12), but very few Christians will dig their heels in and say, “Jesus has already borne this for me. This is only the enemy trying to tempt me to receive it and I refuse to go there.” I admit that the symptoms might feel overwhelming, perhaps, for a good while. I admit that the enemy will most likely put thoughts in our head, “This is too serious to ignore. Time is of an essence. Don’t be a fool and let this thing get out of control.” I can almost promise you that the enemy will say all of those things, and more. Then, the ball is in our court and the decision is ours. If we are going to win that battle we have to dig in like a warrior.
     We claim ownership to so many things: I have a new car; I have a new pair of shoes; I have a bad cold, on and on. Seldom do people say, “The enemy has put symptoms of such and such on my body to tempt me to take it, but it is not mine until I receive it and I refuse to receive it."
     Now, this next reminder is very important: I am not saying that you are to do this for another person. Every person has to come to his or her own conviction of faith that God’s Word is true when God tells us that Jesus bore every sickness and disease for us. This is an individual revelation and can only be put to work by each person himself. The fact still remains that God has accomplished it and is offering the gift to all of His children who will believe it and dogmatically determine to stand to receive it.
     I’m not saying don’t go see your doctor or not to take medication. Neither am I saying that we don't all personally struggle at times in some areas. But I am saying this revelation is very strong to me and I feel we must grab hold of these truths, learn to seek the Lord first, resist the devil and any symptoms he tries to bring and stand for our healing.
     Don’t let the enemy scam you. Healing is a gift. Symptoms are a gift. We have a choice of whose gift are we going to receive. 

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