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Peggy Joyce Ruth Ministries Newsletter

There are things in life that WE KNOW!

by Peggy Joyce Ruth on 07/03/17

It feels good when we know something! It is different than just having information. There is a certainty about it, an assurance. God puts this knowing inside of His children. I John 2:20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you all know.
Discerning the "knowing" in our spirit: It is different than hearing the normal way we expect to hear. One way to explain it is rather than hearing a “Yes” or a “No”, we know it more like an “Uh-huh” or “Un-uh” on the inside of us. By paying attention to your knower, you can be led to know when something is wrong—like a red light to stop or a caution light to proceed carefully, or when something is right—a green light to go forward. How important it is for the Christian to develop this avenue of “knowing”!

John 10:4-5, 27 shows the different distinctions. God doesn't just say, “My sheep hear My voice.” It first talks about the knowing. John 10:4-5 says that the sheep follow Him because they know His voice.

The first step to knowing something about God is first knowing God—coming into the intimacy that you might have with your very closest friend or perhaps with your spouse. Many Christians have never even thought about the fact that there is a realm where you just know. I have heard the question asked, “How do you know you are saved?” And many times a person will answer, “I just know that I know that I am.” That's not a wrong answer. This type of knowing is what is commonly called assurance of salvation. A lot of Christians have developed this sense of knowing in regard to salvation where they know that they know that if they died they would instantly be in heaven with Jesus, but God wants us to develop this knowing in every area of our walk with Him.

Some have developed this knowing in the area of healing. A lady I knew years ago had gotten a bad health report but when I asked her about it, she simply said, “I know that I know that I am healed.” The Scripture “By the stripes of Jesus I am healed (1 Peter 2:24)” had come alive in her heart and she knew she was healed. And, the time did come when she received a clean bill of health from the doctor. She simply said, “I knew the symptoms had to leave because I have a healing covenant with God and I know God as my healer.”

Many Christians have developed this sense of knowing in the area of their salvation and other areas, but never thought about applying this principle in the area of “hearing and recognizing the voice of God.” Psalm 56:9 …. This I know, that God is for me.

There are three characteristics of this state of knowing God's voice.

  1. You will recognize the knowing, because there is always a peace deep down inside with this particular knowing. It is a peace that surpasses human understanding—something that you really can't put into words when trying to describe it to someone. The inner peace and the inner knowing are inseparable. 
  2. That knowing will always agree with the Word of God and it will bear witness in your spirit when it is of God.
  3. When you truly know something you don't have to argue or defend it. I personally think that some people never recognize God's voice because most people only think of one aspect of “hearing God's voice.” We automatically think of audibly hearing a voice. I'm not saying that a person never audibly hears a voice from God, but don't let the word hear throw you off. As we looked earlier, John 10:4-5 begins by talking about a sheep knowing the voice of a shepherd. It says, “The sheep follow Him because they know His voice.” Jesus said, “The voice of a stranger they will not follow.” God's voice is discerned by the knowing that comes with it. It is familiar. For example: when you call your dog’s name, he doesn't come running to you because he hears your voice. He comes to you because he knows your voice and recognizes it.
Later in John 10:27, a few verses down, it talks about "hearing" God. I've heard many sermons on hearing, but not many people talk about the first part of "knowing". Don't rush past the "knowing". It is no accident that Jesus addresses both. It is important to recognize that "Un-huh" or "Un-uh" spoken to our spirit man. It is amazing the new dimension of the Spirit that is opened up to us when we seek to truly know and recognize the voice of our Lord.

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Have you thought about your authority as a believer?

by Peggy Joyce Ruth on 05/08/17

There is a lot of talk in the church world today about the authority of the believer. From the very beginning, Genesis tells us that man was to be over the earth. We know that and we talk about it, but do we really understand what that means? First of all, to say that man has authority over the earth; that sounds pretty general. What exactly do we have authority over? Do you know? Before we can understand authority, we have to have a clear understanding of what comes under that authority and what doesn’t. I’m going to make it easy for you to remember.
We have authority over Satan, sin, sickness, self and situations. It's the five S’s.

That’s how you can remember it:

  • Satan
  • Sin
  • Sickness
  • Self
  • Situations

1. We have authority over Satan. Luke 10:19 tells us that we have authority over the enemy and the works of the enemy meaning we have been given dominion. So many times we allow the enemy to overtake us and run over us but we’re to rule over the enemy. And then the verse adds in the promise that we will not be injured.

 Since we have authority over the enemy and the works of the enemy, then that means that we have authority over sin because that’s one of the works of the enemy. And we can say “NO” to the temptation of sin.
3. We also have authority over sickness and disease because sickness and disease are a result of sin in this world.
4. We have authority over anything that pertains to self: our time, money, attitude, physical body, and soulish realm—our mind, will, and emotions. We’ve been given authority over our flesh nature—our appetites, material needs and sexual drive.
5. We’ve been given authority over situations and circumstances: storms, crisis situations, potential disasters, and oppression. If you’ll remember when Jesus rebuked the storm, he turned to the disciples and rebuked them for not taking authority over the elements. We have been given the responsibility of being in authority over the children who are still living in our home.
We have authority over Satan, sin, sickness, self, and situations. What’s left?

There are two things we do not have authority over.
1. We do not have authority over somebody else’s will. Nor do we have the authority to force another person because they have been given their God-given right to choose right or wrong.
We do not have authority to manipulate God or to manipulate the Word of God. 
Other than those two things, we have been given authority over everything, it says, on the earth, under the earth, and in the earth. There was a time in my life when I didn't know I had authority. I had never been taught that in the church I grew up in. Now there isn't a day that I don't need to use my authority. I can't imagine living life without knowing about the authority that God has given to all believers. 
To hear more on this subject, listen to the audio teaching in its entirety at: http://www.peggyjoyceruth. org/submitemail.html

If using your authority is new to you...these personal examples may help.
My day begins with a prayer walk. I purposely set aside time to spend alone with the Lord. During my walk, I send up my petitions for that day. I pray preventatively, and use my authority over my family—praying they are protected under the blood of Jesus Christ and that they cannot be harmed in Jesus’ Name. Of course, I pray protection for them through Psalm 91, reminding God of His promises to those who belong to Him. I take authority over my day, pray for God's will to be done in my life and ask Him to line up my day accordingly. We are in a spiritual war. I ready myself for battle by putting on the full armor of God [see Ephesians 6]. I pray until I am peaceful about my day and feel released.

If a fear thought comes to my mind...of some harm happening to one of my loved ones I know it is the enemy speaking, tempting and testing to see if I will receive the thought. At this point, I have a choice to make. Am I going to give in to the enemy’s thought or am I going to use the authority that the Lord has given me? With God's Word as my sword, I quote and put my faith in verses that I have memorized regarding fear. I say God's Word aloud until I feel that fear leave and my faith rising.

Fear is something all of us face. The Word clearly tells us that we were not given a spirit of fear, however all of us struggle in this area. Fear is a tactic that the enemy uses over and over again to try and manipulate and control us. To overcome we must use our authority and rebuke the fear thoughts out loud so our own ears can hear us. Quote and put faith in a scripture from God's Word—like 2 Timothy 1:7—of not being given a spirit of fear. As we hear ourselves speaking, our faith will grow and we can learn to trust God more and more.

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Contentment - Being in the Same Place - Body, Soul and Spirit

by Peggy Joyce Ruth on 03/03/17

Have you ever experienced true contentment? No one is born with it and it cannot be bestowed, only discovered. In fact, it is a personal endowment. That is why so few Christians have ever found their way into the 

art of contentment

There is a void inside each individual which cannot be filled by any other person or any other thing, though many have tried to fill it that way. Jesus alone is the secret to contentment. Have you ever sat down to read your Bible or have a prayer time and your thoughts went into a thousand different directions? True contentment is learning to be in the Spirit all in one place (body, soul and spirit) at the same time—in the present. This simple practice is the hidden secret to contentment.

Several years ago we were going to have the extended family together for a Sunday morning prayer breakfast, attend church together, then come back home for a birthday lunch. I had looked forward to that day for weeks; but when it finally came, I almost missed the joy of the occasion by not entering into the presence of the Lord and being involved in each individual activity—body, soul and spirit. 

Everyone got there a little before sunrise for our praise and prayer time. Even though I had breakfast laid out and ready to serve, my mind kept leaving the prayer time and racing between serving the breakfast, making it to church on time and having lunch ready. Finally, I felt God’s invitation to enter into His presence and I simply accepted the invitation. A decision was made in my spirit that whether I had breakfast ready or whether lunch was served on time, it didn’t matter. Now was prayer time and I would pour myself into that with my body, soul and spirit. Somehow, that decision helped me to refuse to let my mind think about anything in the past or race over into the future and ruin the present. The blessing that awaited that decision was unbelievable. The undivided time with the Lord and with my family was indescribable. This secret is not a gift bestowed like so many other blessings of God. This secret is simply a personal decision to be content in the present—body, soul and spirit. So when I feel I'm in a rush and my mind is wondering, I remind myself to be in one place—body, soul and spirit.
Proverbs 14:30 A calm and peaceful and tranquil heart is life and health to the body. (AMP)

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